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ranges from the author’s childhood memories to his hours of happiness, from how he writes his novels to his journey notes, from his critics on some authors and books he likes to his personal confessions, complaints, political angers and enthusiasms about culture and daily life, and proves Orhan Pamuk’s proficiency not only in novels but also in prose. In this selection of proses he’s been writing since 25 years, notebooks he kept, interviews he made, Pamuk tells about his friendship with his daughter Rüya, holidays visits, how he quit smoking, his youth depressions, the daily life of an author, his taste of cinema, old fires in Bosporus, Istanbul that he knows, his obsessions about loneliness and happiness, fears and paranoia of the society and of him with a provocative, analytic and sometimes funny language; discusses about various authors and books ranging from Dostoyevsky to Tanpinar, from Kemal Tahir to Oguz Atay; elaborates his thoughts about the theory of novel and historical novel, East and West, nationalism and Europe. Along with the long story named To Look from a Window which is about Nisantasi and told from a child’s point of view, this book deepens and widens Pamuk’s colorful world further.
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